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Maternity Belt

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS!  You or someone you love is pregnant, YAAAAAY!  Secondly, most of us pregnant people can agree that bringing a child into the world is the most exciting and joyous time ever.  The rest of us just want the puking to stop.

While your experience is uniquely yours, I think you might agree that mothers, as a whole, share a common connection; a connection that practically demands a strengthening of the bonds of sisterhood.  Pregnancy is a time for a mother’s connection to her child, but it is also a time for a connection of mother to mother.  And I am here to try and help you through at least one aspect of your pregnancy.  Discomfort!

We’re talking about the can’t-breath-can’t-walk-my-body-hates-me kind of pain.  I thought I was stuck with it for the entire 9 months, but thank heaven I found out about the maternity belt!  This is (or at least it was for me!) the pregnant woman’s best weapon in the fight against the unending physical discomfort.

I don’t sell maternity belts, nor do I have any affiliation to any retailers whatsoever, so you can trust me when I say… get one!  Get one, quick!  It is sooo helpful!

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